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Poll keeps National well in the lead


A new poll by DigiPoll Survey, published today in the New Zealand Herald, shows that Labour are still dropping back. National remained the same as last month’s similar poll on 52% but Labour fell back two points to 31.5%, that follows a three point fall in the previous month.

The main beneficiaries of Labour’s drop appear to be the Greens who went up 1.5% to 9.8% and NZ First, who improved their position from 0.9% to 2.4%.

At the National Party conference held recently Prime Minister John Key launched their welfare policy which included payment cards for young unemployed people to prevent them buying cigarettes and alcohol. This appears to have gone down well with voters, with 59.5% saying that the government was moving in the right direction; a two percentage improvement on last month. You can read John Key’s speech to the conference on our New Zealand page under ‘Links’.

If the new poll were to be translated into seats at the general election on 26th November then this would give the National Party 65 seats and a majority in the 122 seat House of Representatives. Currently they have 58 seats in a coalition government. Labour would drop from 43 seats to 39 seats.

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