Assad increasingly isolated


Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad is becoming increasingly isolated as his military continue to attack towns and cities across the country. The latest attack has been against the port of Latakia but other attacks have taken place in major cities with many more reported deaths.

As the army leaves each area the protesters return to the streets and continue their protests.

The latest attack on Latakia resulted in deaths in a Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) camp, filled with refugees, on the coast which has fuelled further anger from neighbouring countries. A visit by the Turkish Foreign Minister last week seems to have had little effect, but the Turkish are becoming increasingly vocal in their condemnation of the bloodshed. Other countries to have condemned the violence include Saudi Arabia and Jordan. Even Iran, Russia and China have voiced their concerns over the level and extent of the violence.

In the United Nations, diplomats from the 47 member Human Rights Council say that they now have enough signatures to call a meeting on Monday. Although the Council has the ability to achieve very little it can ‘name and shame’ a country which in turn can lead to other sanctions and UN actions.

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