Opposition list of Cabinet ministers


The National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and opposition Forces announced this week that they had appointed a new Cabinet of ministers. In reality they have appointed nine ministers, with no agreement on who should fill the portfolios of interior, health and housing.

The names published, in addition to the interim Prime Minister are as follows:

Ahmed Tomeh; Interim Prime Minister

Iyad Qudsi; Vice Prime Minister
Assad Mustapha; Minister of Defence
Ibrahim Miro; Minister of Economy and Finance
Mohamed Yassin Najjar; Minister of Telecommunications
Uthman al-Dawi; Minister for Local Administration and Humanitarian Aid
Fayez al-Zaher; Minister of Justice
Elias Warde; Minister of Energy
Walid al-Zohbi; Minister of Infrastructure and Agriculture
Taghrid al-Hajali; Minister of Culture and the Family.

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