57% turnout says it all


Despite the prime minister asking people not to vote, 57% of those eligible to vote in the Sunday/Monday referendum did so. Untypically for Italy, voters bothered to turn out in the referendum. In 2009 just 22% turned out to vote, and the last time a referendum reached the quorum level of 50% plus one was in 1995.

First reports suggest that 95% of voters rejected nuclear power, something Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi supported, they also rejected water privatisation on two counts. But most damaging for Berlusconi was the vote to remove his immunity from prosecution.

This is the second time the Prime Minister has been humiliated by the voters of Italy in as many weeks. His coalition partners, the Northern League were in talks tonight about how to react to the referendum and local election votes in May. They will have to decide if the current government is worth supporting any more, and that means deciding how to vote in a confidence vote to be held in parliament on 22nd June.

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