Referendum to dissolve parliament


A referendum is being held in Latvia today to decide if parliament should be dissolved and a general election called. Around 2.2 million Latvians will vote at 950 polling stations between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m.

If opinion polls are to be believed then around 90% of voters will vote to dissolve parliament.

The referendum came about when the then president Valdis Zatlers called for the vote on 28th May. This followed the decision by parliament to block anti-corruption police from investigating a businessman politician accused of fraud. Zatlers was infuriated and sought to take the matter to the country. A week later he failed in his bid to be re-elected as president by the parliament.

On 23rd July Zatlers is expected to formalise his new party, Zatlers’ Reform Party and has announced the formation of a new independent think tank to advise the party. The party has rocketed in popularity and recent opinion polls would suggest that it has around 30% support even before it has been formally recognised or its policies announced.

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