Aridi to take political leave; resigns as minister


Ghazi Aridi, the caretaker Minister of Transport and Public Works announced yesterday that he would stop performing his tasks as a Minister and take some ‘political leave’. The resignation of the minister comes after allegations of corruption against the Public Works Ministry.

Lebanon is working with a caretaker government after the political parties failed to agree on a government and, in effect, have made the country almost ungovernable.

The official statement as published on the Ministry of Information, National News Agency, website is as follows:

“Aridi stops performing caretaking tasks

Mon 16 Dec 2013 at 14:39

NNA – Caretaker Minister of Public Works and Transportation, Ghazi Aridi, announced Monday that he would stop performing his duties at the outgoing government and would have a political vacation.

Aridi’s announcement came during a press conference following his meeting with the Finance Prosecution.

Aridi said that it was normal in a country like Lebanon that communications would take place over various levels, pointing out that he had suffered enormous pressure to “allow this situation to take its course in another place and treat certain issues in particular ways.”

He pointed out that all the recent accomplishments did not meet licenses, asking all officials about the reason behind not voicing that.

Aridi said that he had handed all the files to the Financial Prosecutor, Ali Ibrahim.

“I have no personal problem with (Caretaker) Minister Mohammad Safadi regardless of the issues that he would raise,” Aridi said, adding that he will not be dragged to a personal fight with anybody.

Aridi announced that the Ministry of Public Works was present all over Lebanon and that he “did not allow the political belonging to control my ministerial work”.”

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