Cabinet announced and Jibril to go


Current Prime Minister under the National Transitional Council (NTC), Mahmoud Jibril, has announced that he will resign once the Gadaffi stronghold of Sirte is captured. But for the time being he will remain as Prime Minister and will also take on the role of Foreign Minister.

The announcement was made in a press conference yesterday where other Cabinet posts were revealed.

Ali al-Tarhouni is to look after oil and finance for the time being, whilst Ahmad Darratt will remain at Interior. Hamza Abu Fas becomes Minister for religious Affairs and Abdullan Shamniyah will look after the economy.

A new position of Minister for Libyans killed and wounded has been created and will be occupied by Abdel-Rahman al-Keissah.

There has been no formal list of the new Cabinet produced and the list above may be subject to revision as the situation in Libya remains very fluid.

Jibril is the first member of the NTC to announce that he will not be part of the post revolutionary government. In theory the NTC constitution does not allow for members to remain on after the revolution is over and a new government is elected.

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