Cabinet formed after ten months of negotiations


After a ten month impasse Michel Sleiman and Prime Minister Tammam Salam named a 24 ministerial Cabinet today.

The Cabinet is based upon an 8-8-8 line-up including the March 8 coalition which includes the Shia led Hezbollah, the March 14 movement which includes Saad Hariri’s Future Movement and the balance of ministers being nominated by the president and prime minister and including Walid Jumblatt’s Progressive Socialist Party.

The previous Cabinet feel last year when Prime Minister Najib Mikati resigned. Tammam Salam was nominated as Prime Minister designate on 6th April 2013, but it has taken this long to negotiate an inclusive Cabinet to run the country.

The full line-up of Cabinet Ministers as published on the government website is as follows:

Tammam Salam; Prime Minister
Sameer Moqbel; Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence
Boutros Harb; Minister of Telecommunications
Akram Shehayyeb; Minister of Agriculture
Ghazi Z’ayter; Minister of Public Works and Transportation
Arthur Nazarian; Minister of Energy and Hydraulic Resources
Michel Faraoun; Minister of Tourism
Ali Khalil; Minister of Finance
Muhammad Fneish; Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs
Gibran Bassil; Minister of Expatriate and Foreign Affairs
Wael Bou-Faour; Minister of Public Health
Hussein Hajj-Hassan; Minister of Industry
Nohad Mashnouk; Minister of Interior and Municipal Affairs
Nabil De Freij; Minister of State for Administrative Development
Ramzi Jreij; Minister of Information
Rashid Derbas; Minister of Social Affairs
Muhammad Mashnouk; Minister of the Environment
Alice Shabtini; Minister of the Displaced
Abdul Muttaleb Hinnawi; Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs
Sam’aan Qazzi; Minister of Labour
Ashraf Reefi; Minister of Justice
Alain Hakim; Minister of Trade and Economy
Raymond Ourayji: Minister of Culture
Elias Bou-Saab; Minister Education and Higher Learning

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