Cabinet named but not yet installed


President Jovenel Moïse has now appointed his prime minister, Jean Guy Lafontant, and a Cabinet composed of 18 ministers including 5 women.

The prime minister has announced a government programme (in French) which can be found here.

All that is now needed is for a confirmation hearing by the Senate to allow the government to get on with its work of rebuilding the country. Unfortunately a chunk of the Senate aren’t prepared to play ball and so the formation of a new government is currently in limbo.

The names of the new Cabinet should they be confirmed are:

Aviol Fleurant; Minister of Planning and External Cooperation
Jude Alix Patrick Salomon; Minister of Economy and Finance
Carmel André Béliard; Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development
Fritz Caillot; Minister of Public Works, Transport and Communications
Pierre Marie Du Meny; Minister of Trade and Industry
Pierre Simon Georges; Minister of the Environment
Colombe Emilie Jessy Menos; Minister of Tourism
Heidi Fortuné; Minister of Justice and Public Security
Stéphanie Auguste; Minister of Haitians Living Abroad
Antonio Rodrigue; Minister of Foreign Affairs and Religious Affairs
Max Rudolph Saint-Albin; Minister of the Interior and Territorial Communities
Pierre Josué Agénor Cadet; Minister of National Education and Vocational Training
Roosevelt Bellevue; Minister of Social Affairs and Labour
Marie Greta Roy Clément; Minister of Public Health and Population
Eunide Innocent; Minister for Women’s Affairs and Women’s Rights
Régime Lamur; Minister of Youth and Sports and Civic Action
Limond Toussaint; Minister of Culture and Communication
Hervé Denis; Minister of Defence

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