Cabinet reduced from 33 to 21 Ministers


President Idriss Déby has carried out a comprehensive reshuffle of his Cabinet and government in general. The president carried out the reshuffle earlier this week and has reduced the number of ministerial positions from 33 to 21; there are now six state secretaries where before there were seven.

The new government has more technocrats within its number, but the main reason for the reduction and reshuffle appears to have been budgetary and a desire to make the government more efficient.

The full list of the new government as published is as follows:

Kalzeubet Pahimi Deubet Prime Minister
Moussa Faki Mahamat Minister of Foreign Affairs and African Integration
Abderahim Brémé Minister of Interior and Public Safety
Bédoumra Kordjé Minister of Finance and Budget
Benaindo Tatola Minister Delegate at the Presidency of the Republic for National Defense,
Veterans and War Victims
Daoussa Déby Itno Minister of Post and New Information Technologies
Adoum Younousmi Minister of Infrastructure Transport and Civil Aviation
Me Madet Minister of Justice and Human Rights
Mme Mariam Mahamat Nour Minister of Planning and International
Mbaïon djiberki Rosine Minister of Agriculture and Environment
Hassan Sylla Bakari Minister of Communication and Spokesman of the Government
Djerassem Le Bemadjiel Minister of Mines and Energy Oil
Gata NGoulou Minister of Planning and Urban Habitat
Abderaman Salah Minister of Drainage and Promotion of Good Governance
Aziz Ahamat Tibeg Minister of Economy Trade and Tourism Development
Ahamat Acyl Minister of Education
Makaye Hassan Taïsso Minister of Higher Education and Research
Abdoulaye Ngardiguina Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport
Mokhtar Mht Minister of Public Service, Labour and Employment
Dr. Ngariera Rimadjita Minister of Health, Social Affairs and National Solidarity
Issa Ali Taher Minister of Livestock and Hydraulics
Abdoulaye Sabre Fadoul Chief Cabinet Secretary for Relations with the National Assembly
Mme Isabelle Kassiré Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, in charge of Chadians Abroad
Mme Banata Tchalet Secretary of State for Finance in charge of micro-credit
Hassan Ngueadoum Secretary of State for Public Health and Social Affairs
Mme Amina Kodjiyana Deputy Secretary General of Government
Haoua Acyl Secretary of State for Civil Aviation and Meteorology
Albatoul Zackaria Secretary of State for Education

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