Central African Republic

CAR has a new Cabinet


President Faustin-Archange Touadéra has announced his new Cabinet which is a mixture of allies and former opponents. The 23 strong Cabinet contains six members of the Cabinet of former President François Bozizé and there are three presidential candidates from the first round of voting who subsequently supported the president in the second round runoff. The finance ministry will be run by Henri Marie Dondra, the long standing former Managing Director of the African Guarantee and Economic Cooperation Fund (FAGACE).

Simplice Sarandji was named last week as the new Prime Minister.

The full list of the new Cabinet as published on the Centrafrique Presse Info (CPI) website is as follows:

Felix Moloua Minister of Economic Planning and Cooperation
Joseph Yakete Minister of Defence
Henri Marie Dondra Minister of Finance and Budget
Jean Serge Bokassa Minister of the Interior, Public Security and Territorial Administration
Charles Armel Doubane Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Integration and Central Africans abroad
Flavien Mbata Minister of Justice, Human Rights and Keeper of the Seals
Leopold Mboli-Fatrane Minister of Mines, Energy and Hydraulics
Arlette Sombo-Dibele Minister of Environment, Sustainable Development, Water, Forests,
Hunting and Fishing
Moukadas Noure Minister of National Education, Higher Education and Research
Fernande Ndjengbot Minister of Health, Public Health and Population
Honore Feizoure Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development
Yerima Youssoufa Mandjo Minister of Livestock and Animal Health
Abdoulaye Moussa Minister of Public Service, the Modernisation of Administration, Labour,
Employment and Social Protection
Theodore Jousso Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Civil Aviation and Development
Silvère Ngarso Minister of Youth Development, Sport Development and Civic Service
Justin Gourna-Zacko Minister of Posts and Telecommunications in charge of promoting New
information and communications technology
Virginie Baikoua Minister of Social Affairs and National Reconciliation
Gaby Francky Leffa Minister of Housing, Social Housing and Urban Development
Gisele Pana Minister for Arts, Tourism, Culture and Francophonie
Come Hassane Minister of Trade and Industry
Charles Paul Lemasset Mandya Minister of Communication and Information
Bertrand Touaboy Minister of National Entrepreneurship, Crafts and Promotion of Small
and Medium Enterprises
Jean-Christophe Nguinza Minister, Chief Cabinet Secretary, responsible for relations with institutions
of the Republic and the monitoring and evaluation of public policies

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