Carlos Correia appointed PM for fourth time


President Bissau José Mário Vaz has nominated Carlos Correia to become the country’s new prime minister.

Correia, who is 81, will be taking up the post for the fourth time and is taking over after the Supreme Court announced that the president’s appointment of Baciro Djá was unconstitutional. The president had previously sacked Domingos Simões Pereira, the previous prime minister, on 12th August after a spat between the two men. Djá, who also comes from the ruling African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde (PAIGC) was deemed unacceptable by the leadership of the party and they decided to take legal action against his appointment. Djá resigned on 10th September.

Carlos Correia trained in Germany as an agricultural engineer but during the war of independence against the Portuguese he was an active participant. After the war he became Minister of Finance in the administration of Francisco Mendès and rose through the ranks of the PAIGC to become a politburo member. Correia became prime minister in 1991 and served for three years. He became prime minister again in 1997 but briefly was suspended when the Supreme Court ruled that his appointment was unconstitutional. He remained in place for a year but was imprisoned during the brief civil war with former Chief of the Armed Services Ansumane Mané. Subsequently he was removed from the party and arrested again over the execution of five people but was then released without charge. On 5th August 2008 Carlos Correia was appointed prime minister again and this time he served for four months until January 2009. He was sworn in as prime minister for a fourth time on 17th September 2015.

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