Correa reshuffles


President Rafael Correa has carried out an extensive reshuffle of his Cabinet and four key establishments with appointments being concluded yesterday.

The president had asked all of the Cabinet to resign at the end of last month, but has now reappointed most ministers, but many in to new roles. The president asked ministers to continue to pursue the Citizens’ Revolution with full vigour.

The full list of new appointees is as follows:

Fander Falconí National Secretariat of Planning and Development
Betty Tola Coordinating Minister of Politics
Doris Soliz Coordinating Minister for Social Development
Jeannette Sánchez Coordinating Minister of Economic Policy
Santiago Leon Coordinating Minister for Production
Pedro Jaramillo Minister of Housing and Urban Development
Rene Ramirez Secretary of Higher Education, Science and Technology
Mireya Cardenas Secretary of Peoples, Social Movements and Citizens’ Participation
Walter Solís National Water Secretary
Francisco Hagó National Secretariat for Migrants
Raul Patiño Secretary of National Intelligence (Senain)
Xavier Cardenas Chairman of the National Customs Service of Ecuador (SENAE)
Diego Borja Chairman of the Presidential Technical Commission of the New International
Financial Architecture
Pedro Delgado President of the Board of the Central Bank of Ecuador (BCE)
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