Costa Rica

Costa Rica gets new Presidency Minister


President Luis Guillermo Solís has appointed Sergio Alfaro Salas as the new Presidency Minister. He replaces Melvin Jiménez Marín, who submitted his resignation on Thursday at president Solís’ request.

The formal announcement of the appointment as published (in Spanish) on the Presidency website is as follows:

“Sergio Alfaro appointed as the new Minister of the Presidency

Ana Gabriel Zuniga is Acting Minister until May 1

• Both officials will, from today, start an orderly and transparent transition to guarantee Costa Rica absolute calm in this process

• The new head has extensive experience in the public service in Costa Rica. As deputy he participated in the creation and promotion of important national legislation.

The President of the Republic, Luis Guillermo Solís Rivera has appointed as the new Minister of the Presidency lawyer Sergio Alfaro Salas, who has extensive background and experience in the public service in Costa Rica.

To start an orderly and transparent process of transition, Ana Gabriel Zúñiga Aponte will take over as interim Presidency Minister until the 1st. of May.

“Sergio is an official of enormous value, who will continue to develop our policy towards citizens and sectors. He will strengthen the necessary changes that support our pillars of combating poverty reduction; boosting economic growth and employment generation and an open, transparent and anti-corruption front for the government,” said President Solís announcing his appointment to the post.

Sergio Alfaro leaves his post as CEO of the National Insurance Institute, from 1st. May, where he has successfully managed and strengthened, both internally and externally, the harmonization of interests of different productive sectors of the economy and social organizations and workers around this important institution.

In the coming weeks the two principals will hold meetings, sessions of intense work and work out the coordination of tasks.”

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