Bosnia and Herzegovina

Council of Ministers approved


Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Prime Minister), Denis Zvizdić (Party of Democratic Action [SDS]), who replaced the former Chairman, Vjekoslav Bevanda, yesterday has announced his new Council of Ministers.

The list was approved by 26 of the 34 Deputies present in the House of Representatives. Parties represented in the new Council of Ministers include Democratic Action Party (SDA), Serbian Democratic Party (SDS), Democratic Front (DF) and Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ).

After the election in 2010 it took 16 months to form a government, this time it has taken just under six months; the general election was held on 12th October 2014. In mid-March the European Union (EU) also unblocked stalled talks for EU accession of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The following persons were appointed Ministers in the Council of Ministers;

Igor Crnadak Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mirko Šarović Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations
Vjekosav Bevanda Minister of Finance and Treasury
Slavko Matanović Minister of Communications and Transport
Adil Osmanović Minister of Civil Affairs
Semiha Borovac Minister for Human Rights and Refugees
Josip Grubeša Minister of Justice
Dragan Mektić Minister of Security
Marina Pendreš Minister of Defence

You can find the full list of Ministers here.

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