Crisis deepens as three Ministers go


Amidst a deepening political crisis in the country Guatemala’s President Otto Pérez Molina has asked for and received the resignation of three Cabinet Ministers.

Minister of the Interior, Mauricio López Bonilla, said that he had decided to resign as “an act of good faith” and “good will”, at a time when Guatemalans are demanding transparency in public administration. He has been replaced by Eunice Mendizábal.

Edwin Rodas the Minister for Energy and Mines as well as Michelle Martínez the Minister of Environment and Natural Resources have also gone.

Several weeks ago the Vice-President was forced to resign as protests against the government surrounding an expanding corruption scandal grew. Although not directly implicated the Interior Minister resigned as the President explained that “Dubious contracts will be investigated” within the Interior Ministry.

On Wednesday the Governor of the Central Bank along with fourteen other people were arrested as police continue to investigate corruption involving the rigging of government contracts. The head of the country’s intelligence agency has also been forced to resign.

The calls for the President to go have grown louder in recent weeks but yesterday he confirmed that he would remain until the end of his mandate on 14th January 2016.

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