ElBaradei resigns as Vice President


Vice-President for International Affairs Mohamed ElBaradei and a leading member of the National Salvation Front has tendered his resignation following the decision by the government to clear pro-Mursi demonstrations.

According to Ahramonline, ElBaradei explained in his letter of resignation that “It was hoped that the people’s uprising of 30 June would steer the country back into the path of achieving the revolution’s goals after the dominating, exclusionary policies practiced by the groups that ruled the country for one of its worst years. This is what drove me to accept a government position, but things took a different direction where polarisation and division reached more dangerous levels and the social fabric faced disintegration.”

The newspaper reports ElBaradei as saying that “I believed that there were acceptable peaceful alternatives to resolve our societal confrontation that could have stood a chance at achieving national reconciliation. Violence begets violence, and mark my words, the only beneficiaries from what happened today are extremist groups.”

The official death toll from the police storming the demonstrations has now risen to close to three hundred people with many more reported as being killed.

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