Finland’s government takes shape


Following weeks of negotiations, the general election was held on 19th April, three parties have come together to form a new coalition government.

The new Cabinet, led by Prime Minister Juha Sipilä will have 14 Ministers, six from the Centre Party and four each from the Finns Party and the National Coalition Party.

The division of Ministerial roles is as follows:

Centre Party; Prime Minister, Minister of Economic Affairs, Environment and Transport, Family and Social Security, Agricultural and Forestry Policy and Local Government and Reform.

Finns Party; Minister for Foreign Affairs and First Deputy Prime Minister, Justice and Minister of Labour, Defence, Social Affairs and Health.

National Coalition Party; Minister of Finance, Education and Culture, Minister of the Interior, Minister for Foreign Trade and Development.

You can find the allocation of Ministerial portfolios and their responsibilities in Finnish here.

You can find the Agreement on the new Government Programme in Finnish here.

So far former Prime Minister Alexander Stubb of the National Coalition Party has been named as the new Minister of Finance and Timo Soini of the Eurosceptic Finns Party has been allocated the Minister of Foreign Affairs role. Other Ministerial appointments are expected in the next couple of days.

Update 29/05/2015: Changes to division of duties for some Ministers see here.

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