Four new ministries


Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani has established four new ministries to improve governance by bringing ‘cohesion, enhance efficiency and improve service delivery’. The four new ministries as released in press release no 274 from the Press Information Department are:

1. Ministry of National Heritage and Integration
2. Ministry of Disaster Management
3. Ministry of National Regulations and Services
4. Ministry of Food Security and Research.

There are unconfirmed reports that Samina Khalid Ghurki has been appointed the Minister for National Heritage and Integration whilst Mir Israrullah Zehri has been appointed Minister for Food Security and Research. No names have been published for the other two ministries.

It is understood that the prime minister has also appointed Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani to the Ministry for Inter-Provincial Coordination in place of the minister who resigned in May.

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