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The full list of Cabinet members in President Mohamed Mursi has been published on the Egyptian State Information Service (ESIS) website and is listed below. The Cabinet were sworn in yesterday and in their first meeting were asked by the president to help him to implement his 100 day programme.

The official statement of the ESIS is as follows:

“After the swearing-in ceremony, President Mursi held a meeting with members of the new government led by Hisham Qandeel.

Morsy asked the new cabinet to immediately work for implementing his 100-day plan that includes five main pivots; security, bread loaf, fuel, traffic and cleaning.

He urged them to improve services offered to the public, encourage local and foreign investments, fight unemployment, provide jobs to youths through boosting small and medium-size projects and increase tourism movement.

At the external arena, the president underlined the importance of paying more attention to the African continent and activating common Arab market.

The President tasked the cabinet with “fulfilling people’s aspirations and improving their living conditions.”

During the meeting, Mursi congratulated the new cabinet and extended thanks to the previous government of Kamal el-Ganzouri, presidential spokesman Yasser Ali said.

The president urged the new ministers to work towards eliminating the citizens’ problems and meeting their daily needs.

The priorities set by the president were restoring security and securing the supply of basic commodities, including bread and fuel, he added.

He also stressed the importance of improving the services of water, electricity and street lighting.”

The full list of Cabinet members is as follows:

Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi Minister of Defence and Military Production
Mohamed Kamel Amr Minister of Foreign Affairs
Ali Ibrahim Sabri Minister of State for Military Production
Momtaz Mohamed el-Said Minister of Finance
Nagwa Hussein Ahmed Khalil Minister of Insurance and Social Affairs
Nadia Iskandar Zakhari Minister of Scientific Research
Mohamed Ibrahim Ali Sayed Minister of State for Antiquities
Mostafa Hussein Kamel Minister of State for Environmental affairs
Ahmed Zaki Abdeen Minister of State for Local Development
Abdel-Qawi Khalifa Minister of Drinking Water and Sewage
Mohamed Saber Arab Minister of Culture
Ahmed Mahmoud Mohamed Mekki Minister of Justice
Osama Abdul Moneim Saleh Minister of Investment
Ibrahim Ahmed Ghonim Minister of Education
Mahmoud Saad Mahmoud Balbaa Minister of Electricity and Energy
Mohamed Mahsoub Abdul Magid Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs
Ahmed Gamaludin Minister of Interior
Hisham Zaezou Minister of Tourism
Salah Mohamed Abdel-Moamen Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation
Hani Mohamed Mahmoud Minister of Communication and Information Technology
Osama Mohamed Kamal Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources
Mohamed Rashad Nasr Ahmed Minister of Transport
Mohamed Bahaa el-Din Saad Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation
Tarek Wafiq Mohamed Minister of Housing and Urban Communities
Mostafa el-Sayed Mosaad Minister of Higher Education
Abu Zaid Mohamed Abu Zaid Minister of Supply and Internal Trade
Khaled Mahmoud El-Azhari Minister of Manpower and Immigration
Talaat Mohamed Afifi Salem Minister of Religious Endowments
Ashraf el-Sayed Abdul Fatah Minister of Planning and International Cooperation
Mohamed Mostafa Ahmed Hamed Minister of Health and Population
Metwali Salah Abdel Maqsood Minister of Information
Hatem Abdul Hamid Saleh Minister of Industry and Foreign Trade
Osama Yassin Minister of State for Youth Affairs
El-Ameri Farouq el-Ameri Minister of State for Sports Affairs
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