HOR approves new Cabinet


The internationally recognised parliament of Libya has finally approved a new Cabinet as presented by Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thinni.

The first Cabinet presented to the House of Representatives (HOR) over the weekend had been rejected as too larger and covering portfolios, such as tourism, which were clearly irrelevant for the current crisis situation. The vote yesterday was carried by 110 members out of 112 attending.

The new Cabinet had been trimmed down to 13 Ministers although parliament had been looking for a Cabinet of eleven members. There is to be no oil minister with responsibility for oil and gas being held by the state-owned National Oil Corporation (NOC).

As yet there is no Minister of Defence and that role will be covered by the Chief of Staff until a minister is appointed.

The full list of the crisis Cabinet as compiled from various sources is as follows:

Abdullah Al-Thinni; Prime Minister
Almahdi Hassan Muftah Allabad; 1st Deputy Prime Minister and Head of Security Affairs
Abdulsalam Al-Badri; 2nd Deputy Prime Minister and Head of Services (Portfolio covers utility services such as electricity and water)
Abdulrahman Al-Taher; 3rd Deputy Prime Minister and Head of Authorities
Al-Mabrouk Ghraira Omran; Minister of Justice
Omar Al-Sunki; Minister of Interior
Mohamed Al-Dairi; Minister of Foreign Affairs
Kamal Al-Hassi; Minister of Finance and Planning
Reda Al-Menshawi; Minister of Health
Fatthi Al-Majbri; Minister of Education and Higher Education
Mohamed Al-Farooq Abdulsalam; Minister of Local Government
Massoud Ahmed Belqasem Sawa; Minister of Social Affairs
Muneer Ali Assr; Minister of Economy and Industry

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