Ibrahim Mahlab is new interim PM


Following the sudden resignation of the interim Cabinet on Monday, interim President Adly Mansour has asked former Housing Minister, Ibrahim Mahlab, to be the new interim Prime Minister and to form a new interim government.

Zawya reports the new interim prime minister as saying that “We will work together to restore security and safety to Egypt and crush terrorism in all corners of the country”.

The press release of the appointment as published on the Egypt State Information service website is as follows:

“Mansour entrusts Mahlab with forming new government

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Interim President Adly Mansour on Tuesday 25/2/2014 entrusted Ibrahim Mahlab, the housing minister in the former Cabinet, with forming the new government line-up, said Presidential Spokesman Ambassador Ihab Badawy.

At a press conference, he added that president Mansour reviewed with Mahlab, at a meeting earlier in the day, the priorities of the coming period atop of which come the remaining steps of the political road map and improving the living conditions of Egyptians.”

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