ICT minister goes


Information and Communication Technology Minister, Syed Abul Hossain, has tendered his resignation to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

The minister had been moved from the communications ministry to ICT in December last year. It had been hoped by the government that this would release $1.2 billion in funding for the Padma bridge project.

The World Bank withheld the money in September last year from the $2.97 billion project after they made graft allegations against the minister. The World Bank imposed a series of requirements before the money would be released including the dismissal of a number of more junior officials from the project. The Minister has denied wrongdoing.

The Padma bridge project is the largest infrastructure project currently in progress in Bangladesh. It will be 6.15 kilometres long and carry a four lane highway on an upper level as well as a single track railway on a lower level. The bridge will link the south west of the country to the northern and eastern regions and was due to be completed in 2016.

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