Interim Cabinet named


Interim prime minister Abdurrahim el-Keeb announced yesterday his list of members of the interim Cabinet or Transitional Executive Board as it will be known.

Most commentators seem to have been caught by surprise as the names were released. Many of those named are not known even to local people, but the interim prime minister has stressed that they represent all the regions of Libya.

The key security posts went to the two most prominent commanders in the recent uprising.

Osama al-Juwaili, the new Defence Minister, is the militia leader from Zintan whose people were instrumental in taking Tripoli and also in capturing Saif al-Islam Gadaffi recently.

The other security position of note is the appointment of Fawzi Abdela’ali who is the militia leader from Misrata, the city which took a pounding from Gadaffi’s forces early in the campaign and which was instrumental in the liberation of large parts of Libya.

The full list of names as published in the Tripoli Post is:

Abdurrahim el-Keeb Prime Minister
Mustafa AbuShagur Deputy Prime Minister
Hamza AbuFaris Minister of Religious Affairs
Khalifa Ashour Minister of Justice
Anwar Fituri Minister of Telecommunications
Mustafa Rujbani Minister of Labour
Dr. Fatima Hamroush Minister of Health
Fawzi Abdela’ali Minister of Interior
Awad Beroin Minister of Energy
Sharkasi Minister of Trade and Commerce
Sulaiman Sayeh Minister of Education
Ashour Ben Khayil Minister of Foreign Affairs
Col. Osama al-Juwaili Minister of Defence
Isa Tuwaijri Minister of Planning
Mabrouka Jibril Minister of Social Affairs
Abdulrahman Ben Yezza Minister of Oil
Hassan Ziglam Minister of Finance
Abdul-Hamid Sulaiman BuFruja Minister of Agriculture
Mahmoud Fetais Minister of Industry
Dr. Naeem Gheriany Minister of Scientific Research and Higher Education
Ahmed Attiga Minister of Investment
Abdul Rahman Habil Minister of Culture and Civil Society
Awadh Barasi Minister of Electricity
Ashraf bin Ismail Minister of the Martyrs
Mohammad Hadi Hashemi Harari Minister of Local Government
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