Justice Minister resigns as President popularity plummets


President Juan Manuel Santos has seen his popularity plummet in the last two months.

The latest figures from Gallup Colombia as published in the Caracol Radio website give the president a favourable image for 48% of respondents. That figure was 64% in April, which suggests a 16% drop in popularity.

Approval ratings are similarly bad. In February 69% approved of the president, today that is 52% and the disapprovals have risen from 27% to 42%.

A majority, 59%, also think that things are getting worse with just 30% thinking things are getting better.

The key reason for the drop in popularity according to the poll is the debacle over a controversial judicial reform bill which has had to be ‘buried’ because it would have been unconstitutional. The bill contained clauses which would have given protection to lawmakers along with other controversial issues including the return of human rights violations allegedly committed by members of the military to military tribunals.

The problems over the justice bill have also forced the resignation of the Minister of the Interior and Justice, Juan Carlos Esguerra. No replacement has yet been announced.

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