Justice Minister sacked


Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb has announced the resignation of Justice Minister Mahfouz Saber following an interview in which the Minister inferred that the sons of garbage collectors were not brought up in a suitable environment to be Judges.

Egyptian Streets reports the Minister as having said on a TV interview that “With all due respect to the garbage collector, and anyone else beneath him or above him, it is necessary for the environmental medium where a judge grows to be suitable.” The Minister went on to say “A judge has his highness and position he must come from a respectable medium, both financially and morally.”

Ahram Online reports Prime Minister Mehleb as saying “The cabinet respects all layers of society and appreciates the working hands in particular, and is convinced that they are involved in shaping of the future of this nation.”

The Justice Minister’s remarks were followed by a storm of protests on social media and calls for the his resignation.

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