Karzai completes Cabinet after two year stand off


A long standing argument between Parliament and President Hamid Karzai has been resolved and has meant that the president was able to swear in the remaining nine ministers in his Cabinet yesterday.

The nine new ministers (although seven were acting as ministers whilst the dispute was resolved) are:

Mohammad Ismail Khan; Minister of Energy & Water
Amirzai Sangin; Minister of Telecommunications
Hussun Banu Ghazanfar; Minister of Women Affairs
Dr. Surya Dalil; Minister of Public Health
Daoud Ali Najafi; Minister of Transport & Civil Aviation
Najibullah Ozhan; Minister of Public Affairs
Dr. Obaidullah Obaid; Minister of Higher Education
Hassan Abdullahi; Minister of Urban Development
Wais Ahmad Barmak; Minister of Rural Development.

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