Kopacz appoints new Ministers


Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz has named a new batch of Ministers after the mass sackings which took place last week over the so called ‘Waitergate’ scandal. The new appointees will be sworn in by President Bronislaw Komorowski today at 10 a.m. local time.

The new Ministers as published on the Prime Minister’s website are:

Andrzej Czerwiński; Minister of the Treasury

Marian Zembala; Minister of Health

Adam Korol; Minister of Sports and Tourism

Marek Biernacki; Coordinator of Special Services

Anna Ewa Nemś; Secretary of State in the Ministry of Economy

Dorota Niedziela; Secretary of State for the Environment

The Prime Minister’s office has published limited profiles on each of the new appointees.

Andrzej Czerwiński is head of the lower house special committee for energy and energy commodities and former mayor of a southern town of Nowy Sacz (1994-2001).

Professor Marian Zembala is a doctor and heart transplant surgeon as well as Head of Department of the Cardiac Surgery and Transplantation in Zabrzu and Director of the Silesian Center for Heart Diseases in Zabrzu. Together with Professor Religą she created and then developed in Zabrze modern Polish cardio surgery and heart transplants for adults and children.

Adam Korol is a four-time world champion, Olympic champion in rowing at the Olympic Games in Beijing and has been associated with sport since the age of 13. He is a rower, university lecturer and avid marathon runner.

Anna Ewa Nemś is a local government activist, entrepreneur and politician. She was vice president of Zawiercia and a Member of the Sejm. She graduated from the Foreign Trade Faculty of the Academy of Economics in Krakow.

Dorota Niedziela graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the Agricultural University in Wroclaw. A veterinary doctor sensitive to environmental issues, Member of the Sejm and an active member of the Parliamentary Committee on Environmental Protection. A Member of the Board of the Silesian Veterinary Polyclinic and Secretary of Polish Association of Veterinarians and Member of the Environment Committee in the Parliament.

Marek Biernacki is Chairman of the Committee for Special Services and a former Minister of Interior and Administration as well as former Minister of Justice (2013 – 2014).

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