Laurent Lamothe resigns


Haiti’s Prime Minister, Laurent Lamothe, has announced that he has resigned as Prime Minister, a position he has held since May 2012.

President Michel Martelly had trailed the resignation on Friday after weeks of anti-government demonstrations. The Prime Minister’s resignation means that the whole Cabinet has resigned and a new Cabinet will now have to be appointed.

The resignation follows months of haggling in parliament about fresh elections which should have been held several years ago. The people decided that they had had enough and went on to the streets to demand the Prime Minister and President should resign.

People were also tired of the perceived jet-setting lifestyle of the Prime Minister despite him having achieved success in moving the country forward after the earthquake which devastated the country in 2010.

If elections are not held by 12th January 2015 then the parliament will be dissolved and the President will rule by diktat. Many in the opposition believe that this is what the President is waiting for to continue his reforms, many of which have been blocked by a parliament with which he has struggled.

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