Libyan government resigns to make way for new Cabinet


Libya’s government has tendered its resignation to make way for the formation of a new government by the recently elected House of Representatives. The new parliament which has superseded the old General National Congress (GNC) will now have to appoint a new Prime Minister and cabinet.

Earlier this week the old GNC met and appointed its own Prime Minister after claiming that a proper handover to the new House of Representatives had not been achieved. The GNC was dominated by Islamists whilst the House of Representatives is made up of more liberal independents. The international community recognises the new parliament.

Libya Herald reports that there are five names being proposed to replace interim Prime Minister Abdullah Al-Thinni. The House of Representatives is apparently looking at Abdullah Al-Thinni himself, Ashur Shuwail a hard-line anti-Islamist and former Interior Minister, Omar Abassi a lawyer and civil society activist, Ali Al-Tikbali another anti-Islamist and MP from Tripoli and Aref Al-Nayed who is a mainstream Islamist and Libyan Ambassador to the UAE.

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