Maduro changes Cabinet again


President Nicolás Maduro has made a number of changes to his Cabinet, the most important of which is the merging of the Finance and Economy ministries. The appointments as announced on the presidential website (in Spanish) are as follows:

Economist Ramon Lobo will become both Finance and Economy Minister

Tarek El Aissami has become the new Vice-President. The president has asked him to focus on public safety and to “purify” the police forces and to fight terrorists and criminals.

The president has merged the ministries of Economy and Finance and appointed Ramón Lobo Moreno as the new joint minister. He will also be a Vice-President of Economics.

Nelson Martínez was also named as the new Minister of Popular Power for Petroleum.

President Maduro confirmed other appointments as follows:

Elías Jaua Milano, Minister of Education and Vice-President for the Socialist Missions.

Carmen Meléndez; Vice-President of Political Sovereignty, Security and Peace of the country

Adán Chávez; Minister of Popular Power for Culture

Hugbel Roa; Minister of University Education, Science and Technology

Francisco Torrealba; Minister of Popular Power for Labour

Dr Antonieta Caporales Zamora; Minister of People’s Power for Health

Aristóbulo Istúriz; Minister of People’s Power for the Communes and Social Movements and Vice-President of Territorial Socialism

Admiral Cesar Alberto Salazar Coll; Minister of Popular Power for Public Works

Ricardo Molina; Minister of Popular Power for Land Transport and continues as president of the Transport Mission

Erika Farías; Minister of People’s Power for Urban Agriculture

Colonel Ramón Celestino Velázquez Araguayan; Minister of Popular Power for Ecosocialism and Water.

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