Mao Chi-Kuo named as Prime Minister


Following the resignation of the full Cabinet on Monday as a result of disastrous local election results at the weekend President Ma Ying-jeou has named Vice Premier Mao Chi-Kuo as the new Prime Minister.

Yesterday President Ma Ying-jeou also announced that he was stepping down as Chairman of the Chinese National People’s Party (Kuomintang; KMT) following the local elections defeat. Vice President Wu Den-yih will be party’s acting chairman until a new Chairman is elected.

Mao Chi-kuo (66) obtained a degree in civil engineering from the National Cheng Kung University in Tainan in 1971. He went on to take a Master of Economics from the Asian Institute of Technology in Thailand in 1975 and then a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in United States in 1982.

Before entering politics he pursued an academic career as well as various posts within government departments and became Minister of Transportation and Communications in 2008. He moved from there to become Vice-Premier in February 2013 before taking up this new appointment.

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