Mehdi Jomaâ is new caretaker Prime Minister


Industry Minister Mehdi Jomaâ has been chosen to become Tunisia’s caretaker Prime minister to lead the country through final changes to the constitution and fresh elections now expected before the end of 2014.

Following four months of political deadlock Jomaâ was selected from a shortlist of ten candidates who were then whittled down to two candidates. The nine hour meeting involving 21 political parties and other organisations with Tunisia Live reporting that 18 parties voted for the new caretaker prime minister.

In his first statement as the new caretaker Prime Minister Mehdi Jomaâ called on the National Constituent Assembly (NCA) to complete the Constitution and move towards fresh elections after adopting a new electoral law.

Mehdi Jomaâ (51) is an engineer by profession and was a general manager at Hutchinson Aerospace when he left his job in March this year to become Industry Minister. He has little political experience and was recruited into the government as an Independent.

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