Morales reveals new Cabinet


Following his inauguration for a third term President Evo Morales has named his new Cabinet. Eight former Ministers have retained their portfolios and 13 new Ministers are entering the Cabinet according to the Agencia Boliviana de Informacion (ABI).

The full list of the new Cabinet as published on the ABI website with the first eight names being the retained Ministers is as follows:

Juan Ramón Quintana Minister of the Presidency
David Choquehuanca Minister of Foreign Affairs
Luis Arce Catacora Minister of Economy
Cesar Navarro Minister of Mining and Metallurgy
Roberto Aguilar Minister of Education
Nemesia Achacollo Minister for Rural Development and Land
Pablo Groux Minister of Culture
Tito Montaño Minister of Sports
José Hugo Moldiz Minister of Interior
Jorge Ledesma Minister of Defence
René Orellana Minister of Planning
Luis Alberto Sánchez Minister of Hydrocarbons and Energy
Ana Verónica Ramos Minister of Productive Development
Milton Claros Hinojosa Minister of Public Works
Virginia Velasco Condori Minister of Justice
José Trigoso Minister of Labour
Ariana Campero Minister of Health
María Moreira López Minister of Environment and Water
Hugo Siles Núñez Minister of Autonomy
Lenny Valdivia Minister of Institutional Transparency and Combating Corruption
Marianela Paco Durán Minister of Communication
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