Mouamba appoints 38 member Cabinet


Recently appointed Prime Minister Clément Mouamba has named his new Cabinet which consists of 38 ministers. A number of ministers have retained their posts but there are fifteen new ministers in the Cabinet.

The full list of the new Cabinet is as follows:

Henri Djombo Minister of State, Minister of Agriculture Livestock and Fisheries
Gilbert Ondongo Minister of State, Minister of Economy, Industrial Development,
Promotion of the private sector
Claude Alphonse Silou Minister of State, Minister of Construction, urban development,
the city and the living environment
Raymond Zephirin Mboulou Minister of Interior, Decentralization and Local Development
Pierre Oba Minister of Mines and Geology
Jean Jacques Bouya Minister of Planning and Major Projects
Jean Marc Thystere Tchikaya Minister of Hydrocarbons
Jean Claude Gakosso Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Congolese from abroad
Charles Richard Mondjo Minister of Defence
Euloge Landry Kolelas Minister of Foreign Trade and Consumption
Émile Ouosso Minister of Labour and Social Security
Calixte Ganongo Minister of Finance, Budget and Public portfolio
Thierry Moungalla Minister of Communication and Media, Government spokesman
Gilbert Mokoki Minister of Transport, Civil Aviation and the Merchant Marine
Bruno Jean Richard Itoua Minister of Higher Education
Hellot Matson Mampouya Minister of Scientific Research and Technological Innovation
Pierre Mabiala Minister of Justice, Human Rights and the
Promotion of Indigenous Peoples
Yvonne Adélaïde Mougany Minister for SMEs, Crafts and the Informal Sector
Serge Blaise Zoniaba Minister of Energy and Water
Léon Alfred Opimbat Minister of Sports and Physical Education
Anatole Collinet Makosso Minister of Primary, Secondary and Literacy
Parfait Aimé Coussoud Mavoungou Minister of Land Affairs and Public Domain
Josue Rodrigue Ngouonimba Minister for Infrastructure and Road Maintenance
Alain Akouala Atipault Minister of Special Economic Zones
Nicephore Antoine Thomas Fila Saint Eudes Minister for Education and Professional Techniques to
skills training and employment
Rosalie Matondo Minister of Forest Economy, Sustainable Development
and Environment
Ange Aimé Bininga Minister of Civil Service and State Reform
Jacqueline Lydia Mikolo Minister of Health and Population
Léon Juste Ibombo Minister of Posts and Telecommunications
Ingrid Olga Ebouka Babakas Minister of Planning, Statistics and Regional Integration
Arlette Soudan Nonault Minister of Tourism and Recreation
Leonidas Carel Mottom Mamoni Minister of Culture and Arts
Antoinette Dinga Djondo Minister of Social Affairs, Humanitarian Action and Solidarity
Inès Bertille Nefer Ingani Minister of Promotion of Women and Integration of
Women in Development
Destinée Ermela Doukaga Minister of Youth and Civic Education
Digne Elvis Tsalissan Okombi Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister, responsible for
relations with parliament
Benoit Baty Minister Delegate to the Prime Minister, in charge of the
digital economy and foresight
Charles Ngamfoumou Minister Delegate to the Minister of Interior, Decentralization
and Local Development, in charge of decentralization
and local development

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