New Bolivian Cabinet


Bolivian President, Evo Morales, has now completed his Cabinet reshuffle with new Ministers at Oil & Energy (as previously reported), Productive & Plural Economy and Environment & Water. The full line up of the new Cabinet as presented on the Presidential website is as below:

Foreign Minister; David Choquehuanca Céspedes
Minister of the Presidency; Oscar Coca Antezana
Minister of Corporate Transparency and Combatting Corruption; Nardy Suxo Iturri
Minister of Autonomy; Carlos Romero Bonifaz
Ministry of Government; Sacha Sergio Llorentty Soliz
Ministry of Defence; Rubén Aldo Saavedra Soto
Defence Minister of State; Elizabeth Arismendi Chumacero
Development Planning Minister; Elba Viviana Caro Hinojosa
Ministry of Economy and Public Finances; Luis Alberto Arce Catacora
Ministry of Oil & Energy; José Luis Gutiérrez Pérez
Ministry of Productive & Plural Economy; Ana Teresa Morales Olivera
Ministry of Public Works, Services and Housing; Walter Juvenal Delgadillo Terceros
Ministry of Mining & Metallurgy José Antonio Pimentel Castillo
Ministry of Justice; Nilda Copa Condori
Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Affairs; Carmen Trujillo Cárdenas
Ministry of Health & Sports; Nila Heredia Miranda
Ministry of Environment & Water; Julieta Mabel Monje Villa
Ministry of Education; Roberto Iván Aguilar Gómez
Ministry of Rural Development and Land; Nemesia Achacollo Tola
Ministry of Culture; Zulma Yugar Párraga.

It is believed that part of the reason for the reshuffle is the fall of popularity of the president; a year ago he was on 70% approval rating, whilst last week he had fallen to 36% approval.

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