New Cabinet appointed


Prime Minister Chimed Saikhanbileg submitted the names of his new Cabinet to Parliament on Friday following agreement over a restructuring of the government which had been previously approved.

The new Cabinet consists of members of three parties. The Democratic Party (DP) has nine ministers in the new Cabinet, the Mongolian People’s Party (MPP) has six ministers and the Justice Coalition (Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party – MPRP and Mongolian National Democratic Party- MNDP) has three ministers.

The full list of the new Cabinet as published on the InfoMongolia website is as follows:

Chimed Saikhanbileg Prime Minister
Ukhnaa Khurelsukh Deputy Prime Minister
Mendsaikhan Enkhsaikhan Minister
Sangajav Bayartsogt Head of Cabinet Secretariat
Mrs. Dulamsuren Oyunkhorol Minister of Environment, Green Development and Tourism
Lundeg Purevsuren Minister of Foreign Affairs
Jargaltulga Erdenebat Minister of Finance
Damba Dorligjav Minister of Justice
Dondogdorj Erdenebat Minister of Industry
Damdin Tsogtbaatar Minister of Construction and Urban Development
Luvsannyam Gantumur Minister of Education, Culture and Science
Namkhai Tumurkhuu Roads and Transportation
Rentsendoo Jigjid Minister of Mining
Sodnom Chinzorig Minister of Labor
Sodnomzundui Erdene Minister of Population Development and Social Protection
Mrs. Radnaa Burmaa Minister of Food and Agriculture
Dashzeveg Zorigt Minister of Energy
Tserendash Tsolmon Minister of Defence
Gankhuyag Shiilegdamba Minister of Health and Sports

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