New government agreed


Vice President Abd Rabu Mansour Hadi has announced the new Yemeni government which will be 35 members strong and consists of 17 members from the current governing party, the General People’s Congress (GPC) and 17 from the opposition Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) and its allies.

The GPC has taken the defence, foreign affairs, oil and minerals, higher education and scientific research, communication and information technology, public works and roads, religious guidance and endowments, tourism, expatriate affairs, agriculture and irrigation, public health, social and labour affairs, fisheries, youth and sport, civil service and social security, cabinet affairs, and state ministries.

The JMP has taken the ministries of information, local administration, interior, finance, planning and international cooperation, education, technical education and vocational training, justice, legal affairs, industry and trade, transport, culture, human rights, water and environment, electricity, and two ministers of state.

The full list of ministers as published on the Yemen News Agency (SABA) website is:

Mohammed Salem Basindwa Prime Minister
Abu Bakr alQirbi Minister of Foreign Affaires
Yahya alShu’aibi Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research
Hamoud Ubad Minister of Endowment and Islamic Affaires
Amat alRazzaq Hummad Minister of Social Affairs and Labor
Omar alKurshumi Minister of Public Works and Roads
Awadh Saad alSocatri Minister of Fisheries Wealth
Mohammed Nasir Ahmed Minister of Defense
Saleh Hasan Sumai Minister of Electricity
Hisham Sharaf Minister of Oil and Minerals
Nabil Shamsan Minister of Civil Service and Insurance
Muammar alEryani Minister of Youth and Sports
AbdulQader Qahtan Interior Minister
Mohammed alSa’adi Minister of Planning and International Cooperation
Ahmed Obaid Bin Daghr Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology
Ali Mohamed alYazidi Minister of Local Administration
Sakhr Ahmed alWajih Minister of Finance
AbdulHafez Nomu’an Minister for Technical Education and Vocational Training
Farid Ahmed Mujawar Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation
AbdulRazzaq Yahya alAshwal Minister of Education
Ahmed Qassim alAnsi Minister of Public Health and Population
Houriah Ahmed Mashhour Minister of Human Rights
Mohammed Ahmed alMikhlafi Minister of Legal Affairs
Qasim Sallam Minister of Tourism
Abdo Razzaz Saleh Khaled Minister of Water and Environment
Abdullah Aubal Mandhouq Minister of Culture
Mujahid alQuhali Minister for Expatriate Affaires
Wa’ed Abdullah Bathib Minister of Transport
Murshed Ali alArashani Minister of Justice
Saad alDin Ali Bin Talib Minister of Industry and Trade
Rashad Ahmad alRassas Minister of State for Parliament and Shura Council affairs
Ahmed Ali alAmrani Minister of Information
Jawharah Hamoud Thabet Minister of State for Cabinet Affaires
Shaif Ezi Saghir Minister of State and Member of the Cabinet
Hasan Ahmed Sharaf alDin Minister of State and Member of the Cabinet
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