Central African Republic

New PM and Cabinet set to tackle violence


Acting President Catherine Samba-Panza on Saturday appointed André Nzapayeké, formerly Vice-President of the Development Bank of Central African States (BDEAC) and previously Secretary General of the African Development Bank (AfDB) as her new prime minister.

In recognition of the sense of urgency as the violence between Christian and Muslim militia continues, the Acting President and Prime Minister have acted quickly to form a new Cabinet.

The new Cabinet comprises 20 ministers; of these eight are women, two are from the Muslim Seleka movement and one from the Christian Anti-Baleka movement. There are two members of the armed forces and the remaining ministers are technocrats.

The list of Cabinet ministers as published in the Journal de Bangui and translated by us is as follows:

Herbert Gontran Djono Ahaba Minister of State for Public Works, Urban Development, Housing
and public buildings
Ms. Marie Noëlle Andet-Koyara Minister of State for Rural Development
Ms. Isabelle Gaudeuille Minister of Justice, Attorney General, in charge of Judicial Reform
and Human Rights
Toussaint Kongo Doudou Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Integration and Francophonie
General Thomas Théophile Tchimangoa Minister of National Defence, responsible for reconstruction armies,
veterans, war victims and DDR
Aristide Sokambi Minister of Territorial Administration, Decentralization
and Regionalization
Ms. Florence Limbio Minister of Economy, Planning and International Cooperation, in
charge of development
Colonel Denis Wangao Kizimale Minister of Public Safety, Emigration and Immigration
Rémi Yakoro Minister of Finance and Budget
Olivier Malibangar Minister of Mines, Energy and Water Resources
Hyacinthe Touhouyé Minister of Forest Economy, Environment and Tourism
Dr. Marguerite Samba Minister of Public Health, Social Affairs and Humanitarian Action
Ms. Gisèle Bedan Minister of National Education, Higher Education
and Scientific Research
Antoinette Montaigne née Moussa Minister of Communication and National Reconciliation
Abdallah Kadre Hassan Minister of Posts and Telecommunications responsible
for new technologies
Eloi Anguimaté Minister of Public Service, Labour, Social Security and Employment
Arnaud Djoubaye Abazene Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation
Gertrude Zouta Minister of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Small
and Medium Enterprises
Léopold Narcisse Bara Minister of Youth, Sports, Arts and Culture
Gaston Mackouzangba Minister of the General Secretariat of the Government Relations
and Institutions

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