New president sworn in


Vice President Joyce Banda was sworn in as the new President of Malawi on Saturday. The new president immediately reached out to her opponents, suggesting that this was not the time for revenge.

Joyce Banda left the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) two years ago after she fell out with the previous president. She established her own party, the People’s Party and on their website there are five core strategies a précis of which are outlined below:

  1. Unlock and deepen the Culture of an Open Society
  2. Strategically pursue Industrialization Programs in Mining, Energy, Agriculture, Science and Technology, Fisheries, etc that endear to transform the economy from one that is dependent on one or two crops; that is dependent on rain fed agriculture; that has a three months economic activity in the year, and to one that adds value and is competitive. This will be achieved by deliberately allocating human power and financial resources to strategic sectors so that we unlock industrialization thereby move ourselves from lip service to actualization.
  3. Pursue an aggressive investment program in Human Capital Development. The People’s Party Government will within its first five years seek to achieve the required levels of pupil teacher ratios at both primary and secondary and significantly increase University intake.
  4. The People’s Party Government will contribute to strengthen the Social Security sector by bringing more innovation to food security interventions, HIV and AIDS prevention, mitigation and treatment.
  5. Resolve chronic power outages; shortages of water supply, high cost of transport and communication and bureaucratic legal challenges in all sectors, shortage of foreign exchange and fuel which have negatively impacted on business.

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