Papandreou announces new Cabinet


In a complete shake-up of his Cabinet, George Papandreou has made changes likely to appease his own party and neutralise the opposition, making it more likely he will win a confidence vote on Tuesday.

The choice of Evangelos Venizelos, as the new finance minister, surprised many at first, but the former defence minister is a well-respected figure with a good grasp of economics. A French-trained constitutional law expert, he is a last resort after former European Central Bank Vice-President Lucas Papademos, turned down the job. Although it will be a tough challenge for Venizelos, he may see it as another opportunity to challenge Papandreou for the leadership, as he did four years ago.

The reshuffle may have appeased critics in the short term, but many still predict a snap poll within a few months.

The full Cabinet list is as follows:

George Papandreou Prime minister
Theodoros Pangalos First government vice-premier
Evangelos Venizelos Second government vice-premier and Finance minister
Filippos Sachinidis Alternate
Pantelis Economou Deputy minister
Haris Kastanidis Interior minister
Paris Koukoulopoulos Deputy minister
Dimitris Reppas Administrative Reform minister (new ministry)
Dinos Rovlias, Pantelis Tzortzakis Deputy ministers
Yiannis Ragoussis Infrastructures minister
Yiannis Magriotis Deputy minister
Stavros Lambrinidis Foreign minister
Mariliza Xenoyiannakopoulou Alternate minister
Dimitris Dollis Deputy minister
Panos Beglitis Defence minister
Kostas Spiliopoulos Deputy minister
Andreas Loverdos Health minister
Christos Aidonis, Marcos Bolaris and Michalis Timosidis Deputy ministers
Yiorgos Koutroumanis Labor and Social Security minister
Yannis Koutsoukos Deputy minister
Christos Papoutsis Citizen’s Protection minister
Emmanuel Othonas Deputy minister
Yiorgos Papakonstantinou Environment minister
Nikos Sifounakis Alternate minister
Yiannis Maniatis Deputy minister
Michalis Chrysohoidis Development minister
Haris Pamboukis, Sokratis Xynidis Alternate minister
Thanos Moraitis Deputy minister
Kostas Skandalidis Agricultural Development minister
Yiannis Drivelegas Deputy ministers
Miltiadis Papaioannou Justice minister
Yiorgos Petalotis Deputy minister
Pavlos Geroulanos Culture minister
Yiorgos Nikitiadis (for Tourism) Deputy minister
Anna Diamantopoulou Education minister
Fofi Yennimata Alternate minister
Evi Christofilopoulou Deputy minister
Elias Mossialos State minister and Government Spokesman
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