Bosnia and Herzegovina

Parliament agrees new Cabinet


Parliament voted yesterday with 26 for, 7 against and one abstention to vote for a new federal Council of Ministers (Cabinet). This breaks a deadlock of nearly 16 months after the general election which took place on 3rd October 2010.

The full list of ministers and their deputies is as follows:

Vjekoslav Bevanda Prime Minister (Chairman of the Council of Ministers)
Zlatko Lagumdžija Minister of Foreign Affairs and Deputy Chairman
Nikola Špirić Minister of Finance and Treasury
Fuad Kasumović Deputy Minister
Ana Trišić-Babić Deputy Minister
Bariša Čolak Minister of Justice
Srđan Radulj Deputy Minister
Muhamed Ibrahimović Minister of Defence
Marina Pendeš Deputy Minister
Sadik Ahmetović Minister of Security
Mladen Ćavar Deputy Minister
Damir Hadžić Minister of Communications and Transport
Rudo Vidović Deputy Minister
Damir Ljubić Minister for Human Rights and Refugees
Radmila Mitrović Deputy Minister
Sredoje Nović Minister of Civil Affairs
Denisa Sarajlic-Maglic Deputy Minister
Mirko Šarović Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations
Ermina Salkičević-Dizdarević Deputy Minister
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