Parliament elects new Prime Minister


Mustafa Abushagur has been elected as the new Prime Minister of Libya. Mustafa Abushagur is currently the deputy Prime Minister in the outgoing government of Abdurrahman El Kib.

In the first round of voting National Forces Alliance leader and former Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril, received 86 votes, Deputy Prime Minister Mustafa Abushagur had 55 votes, Electricity Minister and Justice and Construction Party candidate Awad Barasi took 41 votes and Abdulhamid Al-Nami
three votes. Four other candidates received one vote each.

In the second round of voting Mustafa Abushagur took 96 votes whilst Mahmoud Jibril received 94 votes.

The new prime minister now has the responsibility of completing the creation of a new constitution and then organising elections for a fully functioning government and parliament. He will also have to deal with the fallout of the death of the US Ambassador and three other Americans today as well as a series of rebellions across the country.

In other news, the interim prime minister, Abdurrahman El Kib, and president of the National Congress, Mohamed Magariaf, denounced the killing of the US Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens and described his death at the US mission in Benghazi as a ‘criminal act’.

The Libya Herald reports that Mohamed Magariaf said “We apologise to the American people and to the whole world” for what had happened. He continued by extending Libya’s condolences “to the US government and people” for the death of the ambassador.

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