PM appoints nine Ministers in reshuffle


Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour has carried out a reshuffle of his 18 strong Cabinet. King Abdullah II approved the reshuffle which saw nine Ministers appointed. The reshuffle, which took place last Monday, added a new ministry to the cabinet by dividing the Labour, Tourism and Antiquities portfolio into the Ministry of Labour and Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.

The new Ministers and their portfolios are as follows:

Mohammad Thneibat Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education
Nasser Judeh Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Affairs
Imad Fakhoury Minister of Planning and International Cooperation
Nayef Hmeidi Al Fayez Minister of Tourism and Antiquities
Nidal Qatamin Minister of Labour
Ibrahim Hassan Saif Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources
Maha Abdul Rahim Ali Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply
Labib Khadra Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research
Majd Shweikah Minister Information and Communications Technology

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