PM carries out limited reshuffle


Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has carried out a limited reshuffle of his administration after 38 of his party voted against austerity measures earlier this week. One Minister and four alternate ministers were replaced and a total of nine changes have been made.
The new administration is as follows:

Alexis Tsipras Prime Minister
Giannis Dragasakis Government Vice President
Nikos Pappas State Minister
Panagiotis Nikoloudis Transparency Minister
Alekos Flabouraris Government Work Coordination Minister
Terence Kouik Deputy Minister
Giorgos Stathakis Economy, Infrastructure, Maritime and Tourism Minister
Thodoris Dritsas Maritime Deputy Minister
Elena Kountoura Tourism Deputy Minister
Christos Spirtzis Deputy Minister
Nikos Voutsis Interior and Administrative Reconstruction Minister
Giannis Panousis Public Order and Civil Protection Deputy Minister
Christoforos Vernardakis Deputy Minister
Tasia Christodoulopoulou Vice Minister
Maria Kollia-Tsaroucha Vice Minister
Pavlos Polakis Deputy Minister
Euclid Tsakalotos Finance Minister
Trifon Alexiadis Deputy Minister
Kostas Mardas Deputy Minister
Panos Kammenos Defense Minister
Dimitris Vitsas Deputy Minister
Nikos Toskas Vice Minister
Nikos Kotzias Foreign Minister
Sia Anagnostopoulou Deputy Minister
Giannis Amanatidis Deputy Minister
Panos Skourletis Production Reconstruction, Environment and Energy Minister
Giannis Tsironis Deputy Minister
Vangelis Apostolou Deputy Minister
Panagiotis Sgouridis Vice Minister
Nikos Paraskevopoulos Justice Transparency and Human Rights Minister
Dimitris Papagelopoulos Deputy Minister
George Katrougalos Labor Minister
Theano Fotiou Deputy Minister
Rania Antonopoulou Deputy Minister
Pavlos Haikalis Deputy Minister:
Panagiotis Kouroublis Health and Social Security Minister
Andreas Xanthos Deputy Minister
Aristidis Baltas Culture, Education and Religion Minister
Tasos Kourakis Deputy Minister
Kostas Fotakis Research and Innovation Deputy Minister
Stavros Kontonis Sports Deputy Minister
Nikos Xydakis Deputy Minister
Olga Gerovasili Government Spokesperson
Nikos Filis Parliamentary Spokesperson
Gavriil Sakelaridis Parliamentary Spokesperson
Alexandros Triantafilidis Parliamentary Spokesperson

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