PM Jens Stoltenberg hands in government resignation


Jens Stoltenberg and his government resigned yesterday afternoon as the preparations for a handover of government to the Conservative Party and Progress party began. Stoltenberg’s Labour Party lost the 9th September general election although they remain the largest party in the parliament with 64 of the 169 seats in the Storting. Stoltenberg had been Prime Minister since October 2005.

The formal press release of the government’s resignation as published on the government website is as follows:

“Jens Stoltenberg’s second government today at 13.00 tendered its resignation in an extraordinary session of the Council of State at the Royal Palace. The King requested the government to continue as a caretaker government until a new government has been formed.

For the forming of a new government, the Prime Minister advised the King to approach the leader of the Conservative Party, Ms. Erna Solberg.

The Stoltenberg government’s application to resign reads as follows:

His Majesty the King,

The general elections of 9 September and the subsequent agreement between the Liberal Party, the Christian Democratic Party, the Progress Party and the Conservative Party, had the result that there now exists a parliamentary basis for a government representing the Conservative Party and the Progress Party.

On behalf of the Government I therefore allow myself to tender our resignation.

With profound respect
Jens Stoltenberg”

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