PM names new Cabinet


Prime Minister–elect Mustafa Abushagur has published the names of the people he wishes to form his new Cabinet. The appointments were made late Wednesday afternoon and they will now go to the National Congress for approval today. The list as published is not complete with no name yet announced for the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Four ministers remain from the transitional government with the remaining names being new into their roles.

The list of names published by the Libya Herald is as follows:

Omar Ali Al-Nakua 1st Deputy Prime Minister
Al-Haramain Mohamed Al-Haramain 2nd Deputy Prime Minister
Saad Agila El-Obaidi 3rd Deputy Prime Minister
Omar Aswad Minister of the Interior
Abdulsalam Jadallah Al-Salhin Saheh Al-Obeidi Minister of Defence
Abdullah Shamiya Minister of Finance
Mustafa Abu Fanas Minister of Economy
Al-Mabrouk Aissa Abu Harura Minister of Oil & Gas
Salem Abdullah Al-Sheikhi Minister of Religious Affairs
Sami Al-Saadi Minister of Martyrs & Missing Persons
Summaya Mahmoud Baltief Minister of Social Affairs
Sulaiman Al-Sahli Minister of Education
Ahmed Safar Minister of Labour
Yousef Harbiesh Minister of Justice
Feisal Krekshi Minister of Health
Mohamed Al-Hashimi Al-Harari Minister of Local Government
Muftah Al-Tayyar Minister of Housing & Utilities
Ibrahim Jibril Minister of Communications
Abdul Hafiz Al-Abar Minister of Transport
Mahmoud Al-Telisi Minister of Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries
Mahmoud Al-Ftaisi Minister of Industry
Naim Aburrahman Al-Ghariani Minister of Higher Education
Ramadan Belgassem Belhaj Minister of Sports
Ah-Hadi Abdusallam Al-Ghariani Minister of Culture & Civil Society
Ahmad Ali Ahmed Al-Shuaibi Minister of Electricity
Salahadin Shmeila Minister of Public Works
Mustafa Al-Saqazli Minister of Rehabilitation & Human Development
Mustafa Sulaiman Mustafa Abdul Hadi Minister of Water
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