PM withdraws Cabinet list


Prime Minister elect, Mustafa Abushagur, has been forced to withdraw his list of proposed Cabinet ministers. This follows the storming of parliament by protesters and parliamentarians voicing their discontent over the lack of National Forces Alliance (NFA) members in the list.

The National Forces Alliance (NFA) led by Mahmoud Jibril a former interim Prime Minister of Libya won the most political party seats in the 200 General National Congress; 39 of the 80 allocated to political parties. The NFA had asked for nine members in the new Cabinet but received no nominations whilst the Muslim Brotherhood’s Party, Justice and Construction which won just 19 seats were rewarded with a number of nominations.

It had been hoped that the new Cabinet would reflect a consensual approach to government with all parts of the country represented as it moves to establish a constitution and further elections which will elect a fully democratic parliament.

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