President adds Ministries and Ministers to accommodate new government parties


President Bidhya Devi Bhandari has been carrying some changes to her ministries.

The Ministry of Health and Population and the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment have been reorganised to create an additional Ministry of Population and Environment. Whilst a Ministry of Sanitation and Drinking Water has been created to manage the roles that were being overseen by the Ministry of Urban Development.

Four new ministers have been appointed as follows:

Deepak Bohara; Minister for Labour and Employment

Prem Bahadur Singh; Minister for Drinking Water and Sanitation

Shiva Lal Thapa; Minister for Science and Technology

Eknath Dhakal; Minister without portfolio

Shanta Manabi; Minister for Peace and Reconstruction

Biswandra Paswan; Minister for Population and Environment

The changes have been made reportedly to accommodate four new parties that have joined the government.

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