President appoints new Cabinet as opposition takes over National Assembly


President Nicolás Maduro has carried out a limited reshuffle of his Cabinet, appointing Aristóbulo Istúriz as Executive Vice-President, replacing Jorge Arreaza. Three candidates from the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) who were defeated in the recent general election have also been named as ministers.

Meanwhile the opposition Unified Democratic Panel (MUD), which won the recent general election, has sworn in three deputies to the National Assembly who have been barred by the Supreme Court.

The full list of Cabinet ministers as derived from a number of sources is as follows:

Aristóbulo Istúriz Executive Vice-President
Luis Salas Productive Economy Minister and Vice President of Economy of the Republic
Miguel Pérez Abbad Minister of Industry and Commerce
Jesús Faría Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment
Wilmar Castro Soteldo Minister of Agricultural Production and Land
Ángel Belisario Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture
Emma Ortega Minister of Urban Agriculture
Rodolfo Marco Torres Minister of Food
Rodolfo Medina Minister of Public, Private Banking and Finance
Marleny Contreras Minister of Tourism
Eulogio del Pino Minister of Oil and Mining, President of PDVSA
Jorge Arreaza Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology
Luisana Melo Minister of Health
Rodulfo Pérez Minister of Education
Gladys Requena Minister for Women and Gender Equality
Clara Vidal Minister for Indigenous Peoples
Iris Varela Minister for Correctional Services
Freddy Ñañez Minister of Culture
Mervin Maldonado Minister of Youth and Sports
Oswaldo Vera Minister of Labour and Social Affairs
Delcy Rodríguez Minister of External Relations
Gustavo González López Minister of Interior, Justice and Peace
Vladimir Padrino López Minister of Defence
Luis José Marcano Minister of Communications and Information
Gerardo Izquierdo Torres Minister of Borders
Isis Ochoa Minister of Communes
Luis Sauces Minister of Transport and Public Works
Manuel Quevedo Minister of Housing and Habitat
Luis Motta Domínguez Minister of Electric Power and President of Corpoelec
Ernesto Paiva Minister of Water and Ecosystem
Daniel Aponte Mayor of the Capital District
Ricardo Menéndez Minister of Planning
Henry Ventura President of Mission Barrio Adentro
Pedro Infante President of IND
Carlos Osorio Head of the Central Region Integrated Defense Country

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